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A Little More About Me

Born in Italy, daughter of a diplomat, I've grown up & lived in different countries until settling down in Switzerland. Years ago, a simple yoga class opened the doors to a whole new world. What began as a one time experience soon became a lifestyle which has blossomed into my guiding mantra: "Live Life Now", which combines outdoor activities and a close connection to nature with living in the moment. Practicing more consistently and spending time hiking in the mountains, I began noticing the power and multiple benefits of this newly baptized Yogalpina.

As a teacher I strive to guide people through the whole experience, presenting flows which couple the physical movement with a deeper more meaningful connection to the Breath & the Now. My approach is playful, it will challenge you to move mindfully and to look beyond the yoga practice, to discover more about yourself.  My philosophy is simple: everything is connected and it is for us to embark on the journey of self-discovery, there is no better teacher than the one within us. My privilege is to help take the first steps on the trail.

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